What We Do



Vincent Giordano Corporation is an industry leader in the manufacturing and custom formulation of deli beef products and beef specialty products. Our core business focuses on the manufacturing of Roast Beef, Corned Beef and Pastrami.  



At Vincent Giordano Corporation, all of our deli beef products are High Pressure Pasteurized. HPP is known for its incredible food safety qualities in addition to product shelf life extension. In addition to HPP’ing all of our own products we work with a variety of companies to fulfill their toll processing needs. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding High Pressure Pasteurization toll processing.


Vincent Giordano Corporation is proud to announce an expansion of our slicing capabilities. We offer both bulk foodservice packaging as well as sliced retail packaging, and Grab N’ Go solutions. All sliced items are also High Pressure Pasteurized.