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Vincent Giordano brand roast beef delivers exceptional value because each cut is meticulously hand-trimmed of all fat then specially marinated and generously coated with our signature blend of herbs and spices. Our slow, precision roasting process in temperature-controlled ovens preserve every ounce of flavor.


Perfect. The only word to describe Vincent Giordano Pastrami. Each cut of beef is of the highest quality and flavor. Meticulously cured and seasoned, just one bite of a hot pastrami sandwich piled high with Vincent Giordano brand pastrami is a deli experience to remember. 100% usable. No waste. It doesn't get any better.


Our Corned Beef delivers only the finest quality, tastiest meat available. You will find virtually no fat, no waste and no surprises. The meat is carefully cured and slowly cooked to lock in the flavor and goodness. Our special blend of spices provides that unique touch that distinguishes Vincent Giordano from other brands.

To round out your menu, we offer a tasty selection of specialty beef items. Whether you choose our tender, juicy, Italian-style baked or fried meatballs, succulent prime rib, or homestyle meatloaf, your customers will nod their approval with every bite.

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